Modern Home Décor and Furnishing Trends

When you are living in a home, there are constant changes that need to be made every now and then. Whether this involves replacement or plain updates on your existing items, a little change every now and then keeps your home trendy. From the color of wall paints to furniture to the curtains, everything remains under the influence of changing trends. Whilst you experience the change in trends, it is not necessary that you change your furniture entirely. There are a lot of options to update your home in a budget-friendly yet smarter way that not only saves you money but keeps you up with the latest fashion trends. Following are some trendy collections from the latest design catalogs that we have compiled to give you an idea on how to update your home in terms of modern home décor and furnishings.


The Abstract Element

The abstract trend is a free-spirited area of fashion where you can have fun while creating your design and incorporate your craziest ideas in a trendy way. The abstract trend includes bold geometrical figures, bright colors, colorful patterns and unique ideas that display our personality through our homes. The purpose of abstract element to your home is to create the aura of emotion, fun and productivity, and when you choose abstract designs, you home is transformed instantly into a modern home.

Incorporating abstract ideas in modern home décor and furnishings is key to keeping up with the latest trends in a simple way. This type of artistic trend has brought in a lot of flexibility in terms of designing and color selection of home décor palettes. You can play around with bright colors and contrasting combinations to create the perfect modern outlook of your home.


Simplicity is Beauty

A key characteristic of modern home décor and furnishings that you can observe these days is the aspect of minimalism incorporated in homes. People are setting up simple furniture along with subtle paint colors and table settings to give it a classic and sophisticated look. Simplicity enhances the beauty of any room, whether it is a kitchen, a study room, a bedroom etc., keeping your space clatter-free and using neutrals around home can give it a soft and spacious look. This is actually very beneficial for small spaces as it gives a spacious effect to the room.

Modernism is a lot about bold colors and patterns, but it also involves simple furnishings and dim lights to keep your home elegant and clutter-free. You can notice about the small and extravagant pieces in your house that no matter how expensive they may be, the pieces go out of fashion. Simple furnishings are timeless, as they can be painted and re-arranged very easily to keep up with the continuously changing home trends.



For any home whether it is big or small, trendy or traditional, a little addition of comforts never hurt no one. Layering up comforting cushions on your couch, adding faux fur rugs makes your space look more comfortable and inviting for others. Remember to keep the comforts light so that they do not feel too cold for winters, neither are they too warm for summers. Comforts can be styled in various ways. These ideas may include subtle or bold colors to go along with your furniture and room setting, some decorative patterns for your comforts and especially comforting textures.

When you think of comforts, you are not limited to cushions and rugs only. It involves the quilts, bedspreads, blankets, any tassels and trims on curtains and sofas etc. Your home look more homely when you add comforts to them, therefore these have become an integral part of the modern home décor and furnishings. This homely fashion trend is the perfect update for your home, so whether you are in a lavish home or a small cottage, this trend works everywhere and adds the modern element to your home. You can pair it with a vintage print or frill to give it the classic charm.


Velvet Rich

Velvet is one of the most popular trends of modern home décor and furnishings. It not only upgrades your home, but also adds the royal touch to it. You can feel the change just by using velvet cushions along with your sofas. Velvet is a soft and rich material that is reigning high on charts in the modern home fashion industry. You can choose a plush and rich color for your sofa and pair up palette cushions with it or just add a plain brass or gold colored border to your sofas. Velvet paired with brass is the ideal combination giving off a rich and stylish look, which is why it has become so popular in the modern home trends.

When you are picking velvet for your cushioned chair, cushions or furniture, remember to choose rich tones and deep colors for a more royal look. These colors include emerald, navy blue, purple, maroon, mauve etc. These colors are highly popular in velvet and give off metallic vibes when used with brass and gold. For people who are looking to make a bold statement with their home décor, velvet is an excellent choice because it keeps your home bold yet elegant.


Polished Glamour

When you think of glamour, you think of sequins, glitter, and sheen. However, in case of modern home décor and furnishings, this may not be the case. The modern home trends have shifted to more of a sophisticated yet elegant glamorous look rather than going all the way extra. There are fine details to add to your furniture which add all the wow factor! For instance, fringing is everywhere in home décor these days. It is used in bedspreads, lamps, mirrors etc.

Other than fringes, there are studded stones and pearls in the cushions and furniture that are embedded to give off a neat yet glamorous finish to your furniture. Although the metallics are a large part of modern home décor, they are used in subtle ways not to overpower the element of simple home designs as a lot of modern home trends are based on that.