Rugs Care & Maintenance


Rugs are made out of a wide variety of materials, some withstanding spot cleaning, while others should be dry cleaned at all times. Before cleaning a rug, it is always recommended to check the item’s tag and see the cleaning recommendations for that particular type of rug, mentioned by the manufacturer.

• Caring for Rugs
The rugs you have should be vacuumed with regularity, by using the lowest level of power on your vacuum cleaner and make sure you avoid the fringes of the rug during this operation to avoid any damages. Also, it would be best if you could rotate the rug around the room periodically, so that wear on the product is evenly spread. And, if possible, your rug should receive a professional cleaning treatment once a year, for removing any existent stains.

• Spot cleaning your Rugs
As mentioned earlier, before starting the cleaning process, it would be best to check the tag of the rug and see if spot cleaning is allowed. If the tag confirms and there is a liquid spill on your rug, take a clean cloth to absorb all the excess liquid out of your rug. By any costs you should not rub the rug. Do know that the majority of stains can be cleaned safely by using a mixture of carpet cleaning detergent and club soda, in small quantities.
If you have melted wax on your rug, all you have to do is to place a piece of brown paper over the stain and place a hot iron on top of it. Check on a constant manner to see if the wax is melting, which will allow the brown paper to absorb it with ease. Do this operation as many times as necessary until all the wax is removed.

For chewing gum on the rug, ice cubes applied on the gum will harden it and make it easier to remove, by breaking it off. To manage the last traces of chewing gum, use a carpet spot remover. And, finally, use a cloth damped in vinegar or alcohol and applied on the spot until the area is saturated with liquid. For managing ink spots, the solution is to apply hairspray on the spot and allow it to dry out. Then prepare a solution made out of water and vinegar and use a cloth to blot the stain away.